Site Map

Western Sky RV Park site map

Park Rules and Regulations

  1. Check in is between 10 AM and 3 PM. Please check in at pavilion at time of arrival. Late or early arrivals must make advance arrangements by phone.
  2. Check out time is 12PM, except by prior arrangement.
  3. A parent must accompany children under 18 at all times.
  4. Pets must be approved by management, leashed and pick up after. No kennels or tie out ropes.
  5. All RV’s are subject to park management approval in order to keep the park looking clean and friendly.
  6. SPEED LIMIT inside the park is 5 MPH due to children and animals at play.
  7. No personal items are to be stored outside your RV. Lawn chairs, BBQ, and satellite antennas are fine. Anything stored or parked in adjoining sites will incur an additional charge. Storage areas are available.
  8. Please do not park on grass. If you have more than one vehicle, please ask park manager where you can park it.
  9. Yard fencing is not permitted unless approved my management.
  10. Quiet time is from dark to 8 AM. Loud or annoying noises not permitted at any time.
  11. Please do not use chemicals in grey and black water tanks.
  12. If you choose to play music please do not play it loudly enough that you disturb your neighbors. Music with profane language will not be tolerated.
  13. Only one vehicle and one RV is allowed per site, extra vehicles must be parked in overflow parking (excluding motorcycles).
  14. Fires are only allowed in BBQ pits that are in good condition.
  15. If you wish to have more that two-guest per day visit you in the campground please get consent from management.
  16. You are solely responsible for the well-being and any damages caused by your guest.
  17. All guests must sign in at the pavilion.
  18. No decks or additions are allowed to be built onto RV’s. RV’s and vehicles must be movable at all times.
  19. Vehicle/RV registration/Insurance must me kept current at all times.
  20. RV must be movable at all times per Bexar County Fire Marshal.
  21. Clotheslines not allowed.
  22. No generator running.
  23. Tent camping is not permitted.
  24. Please do not hang stuff in or trim our trees. The park staff will handle all landscaping needs.
  25. A threaded plastic sewer elbow must be used to connect to sewer lines. We have them on hand.
  26. Firearms are not permitted inside the park.
  27. Fireworks are not permitted inside the park.
  28. BB Guns are not permitted inside the park.
  29. Skateboards and roller skates are not permitted inside the park.
  30. Off road vehicles are not permitted inside the park.
  31. No vehicle repairs in the park.
  32. Drunken and or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.
  33. RV and car washing requires permission from the park manager.
  34. Note dumpster location and please do not leave garbage bags outside your RV.
  35. Rent must be paid on the due date. A $25 late charge will be added for up to five days late and $5 each day after that.
  36. Be Safety Conscious. We are not responsible for loss or injury from fire, flood, falling trees, theft, wind, hail, rain, tornadoes, electrical failure, bugs, wild animals, domestic animals, dogs, acts of God or nature.
  37. You are required to pick up and dispose of any mess caused by your pet.